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Taking Coyotes with a 10/22

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I know it's not the preferred weapon for coyote hunting. Before anyone clobbers me for using one let me describe our conditions and see what ya'll think.

I'm from northern lower michigan and hunt deep in the cedar swamps with my brother (he uses a shotgun w/#3 buck). The typical range for shooting would be about 25-35yd max. I could take the .270 but would be in the same situation of having to "snap-shoot" and wouldnt want to sling a bunch of .270 rds due to the added cost and wear on my nice deer rifle.

If we hunt nite time we are limited to using .22lr and/or shotgun with light load like #6 or similar (no slug or buck allowed).

I've seen several coyote taken with .22's over the years but not yet had a shot with mine. I'd like to hear from any of you that have take coyote with a .22lr. Thanx!

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The 22LR will do the job, of course there is better choices, I have used 22LR for years, I just head shoot them, I now have a ruger 10/22 with a hogue stock and a BSA 4x32 scope with see through mounts, nice setup, had to use loctite;) I have found many years ago that Remington Yellow jackets work very well on Varmints, this is a hollow head bullet around 32 gr, really traveling, kinda on the pricey side around $24.00 bucks a brick in NH, note: Yellow jackets feed very well in my Rugers, Rugers seem to be picky with ammo. I also have the mark2 as well likes the yellow jacket's, also the Remington's burn very clean, lets say compared to Winchesters, now your talking dirty ammo;) I use a dry graphite to lube the bolt works well. Just my thoughts, remember shot placement is No# 1. Aim small hit small. RAMbo.

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