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T/C Classic

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With my new Classic I recently finished firing the first 1600+ rounds it is becoming much more depenable, providing I use Federal Classic, CCI Mini-Mag,
or PMC Scoremaster. Have yet to try Eley Target or any other specialty rounds.

It does not like CCI Velocitors, when it chambers them it shoots them well 3 shots 3/4" at 50 yds then will not chamber the 4th one. Yellow Jackets or Super X will not always feed properly either. This was frustrating at first until I went back to the Federals which worked fine again. :rolleyes:

With the Mini-Mags I can keep 10 within 1 1/4" at 50 yds, I know the gun is capable of much better accuracy but am finding the trigger takes a long pull and time to finally squeeze off the shot. In this time the human factor namely me can affect the stability of the gun by breathing slightly or even my heart beats can cause the scope crosshairs to wander from one side of the 1" target to the other. Is there a way of decreasing the trigger pull?

Your advice is appreciated.
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ttshooter is one of our sponsers here at RFC and he does excellt trigger jobs on Classics. My other question is do you have the new style magazines? T/C was replacing the old ones for free. I think they still are. Most of the feeding problems people have had with T?C's is either a dirty gun or old style mags. I find if I clean the action out with Gun Scrubber every 400 rounds or so mine is dead reliable. Yeaster I had one stove pipe jam....the first in a long time but the rifle has about 350 sice cleaning and all 5 of my mags are old style.
Vincent , Thanks for the info. How do I tell if I have the old or new mags? I will check into TTShooter in regards to a trigger job. :)

T/C replaced the mag and my Classic still dont like Velocitors. The feeding problem is a lot better, but not good enough so no more Velocitors for this gun.
They do however shoot good groups.

My T/C really likes Remington Yellow Jackets and Vipers.
There was some pictures posted that show the difference and you may be able to run a search on the T/C forum and find it. Since I have only old ones (mine work so well I haven't bother T/C for replacements) I'll have to go by memories and you know how dependable that can be! The old one are solid on the sides and almost smooth with just some very slight raised or lowered areas. T he new ones have very marked depressions on the sides, The side of the mag has two very deep hollows.

If any of you guys could post a picture of the new mags would you please do it? Thanks so much in advance.
Like Vincent said, the old style magazines have smooth sides, while the new mags have 2 sculpted cuts (flutes?) running the length of the magazine, from top to bottom on each side. They are probabley about 1/8 inch deep. I have tried both, and they seemed to work fine for me.

Thanks Vincent, Chunckchucker and Mr GAP for the info, looks like I have the new mags with the grooves down the sides. I have a 5 and a 10 shot mag which I took apart and thoroughly cleaned them this should help with feeding.

Throughout all the shooting I strip the rifle right down every 500 shots for a thorough cleaning with Hoppes #9 then lighly lubricate with CLP. Also at aprx. the 200 to 250 shot point I use q-tips soaked with Hoppes #9 for a quick cleaning of the accessible areas of the action.

At present the scope is a Nikko Sterling 3X9X40 set on 7, I plan to replace the Nikko with either a Bushnell 3200 or a Weaver designed for 22's this should help as I have allways held the Nikko in question. Any suggestions on other scopes?

In general I really enjoy shooting the Classic the fit/finish and good looks of the walnut stock is superior to all the other 22's in the price range including the bolt actions. Its just a matter of fine tuning the trigger and finding the right ammo, I will be downright thrilled if I achieve 5 shot accuracy of 1/2" @ 50 yds.
Straight Shooting to All
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I have the Weaver RV7 2.5X - 7X 28mm scope in Talley mounts on mine. It is such a pretty little rifle I just could not bring myself to putting some huge, klugy 36X scope on it. I'm very happy with this combination. :t :t
I put the Sightron SII 6x42HBRD on my classic, with the hopes of shooting in the CMP Sporter class. Camp Perry is next month and I have not been practicing.

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Classic Mag and Scope

Dano136, thanks for the pictures, I see now that I definitely have the new mags. Good luck at Camp Perry! :t
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