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Benchmark ...

Hi there,

I found/joined this forum specifically to search for the reasons why my first trip to the range with my bud and his new Benchmark was such a goatscrew. He bought this rifle today and returned it today as well. It either stovepiped or jammed after every successful (and manually loaded) shot. It also would lose all trigger tension if we waited more than five seconds to take a second or third shot. In other words, it worked great when firing quickly without time to aim but as soon as he or I would pause to take aim, the trigger would lose tension and act as if it had never been cocked. This was after the first successful shot was fired and a new round was chambered. By the end of the day, it was also double tapping two rounds at a time. One squeeze of the trigger, two rounds come out of the barrel.
I hope this was just a fluke.

Waffen Squirrel
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