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Classic trigger ?


You say are not happy with your Classic trigger, yet you do not mention with what aspect of it you are dissatisfied ? Hard to help you ! Too heavy, too light, too much creep or overtravel ... what are your intended uses ?

My own Classic was bought for shooting the new CMP Rimfire Sporter competition, and, to be very honest, it has the best trigger set-up in a "box-stock" sporter rifle of any of the many dozens I have bought and owned in the past 60-odd years. The first stage pull is perhaps a little heavy, maybe a couple of pounds, but extremely short and barely discernible .... perfect for target shooting. The let-off pull weight is 3# 1oz .... again just makes the 3# minimum required for this competition ! The let-off is "glass-cracking" crisp with an extremely short over-travel. For my usage this set-up could not be improved !

I have tried several others and all were very crisp in their settings, although let-off pull weights varied beteen the mid-2# up to the mid-3# ... a rare phenomenum in these days of gun litligation ... and the attendant 7 - 10# pull weights !

Bryan - The Fuzzy Limey
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