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Oh come on... get both! You won't be able to live with the one you don't choose!!

I've got a Benchmark. The unit that was a magazine tester in fact. It is very accurate and obviously well made - nice bluing, nice wood, a real 'rifle' feel. There is nothing to not like about it.

But being a natural born tinkerer (is that a word?) I don't shoot it NEARLY as much as whatever 10/22 I am messing with. If you want to buy a gun and never HAVE to mess with it, you won't be disappointed in the T/C.

And their customer support is great. I emailed them for a replacement part to the magazine. I told them I had crushed it and wanted to repair it - entirely my fault. They just sent me a new one along with the part I had requested all at no charge.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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