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T-6 Proof of Concept Blade

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T-6 Model 1
Guess since I am a Newb can't post in the For sale section for 35days 30left to go :bthumb:
So here are pics of another one.
This is the Proof of concept blade I made before starting a new project.
It is a combination of Ideas Grinds and Materials that have been developing over the past six months or so. Those who help support my knife making obsession may have noticed my absence for the past few months… but they have not been idle times.
This is the first in a series of four designs will be called T-6 this is model 1
This blade is done in 1/4 O1 tool steel with Carbon fiber scales with a patina finish
Jimping gives the handle some serious grip along with a new (New for me) Handle design puts the Point centered in all grips. The final numbered series of blade are on the bench now waiting to be ground.

T-6 Model #1

T-6 Model 1

T-6 Model 1 Double edge Grind Detail

T-6 Handle

There are more detailed pics at the gallery link in my signature SOLD
More pics of the rest of the Proof of concept blades will be posted this week and offered for sale.
Thanks for viewing my work and many thanks for your support over the years.
Feel free to PM or Email me with any questions you may have
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Thanks Hope to... there are around 50 or so profiled unground blanks sitting on my bench right now. They will be a bit more than the Proof of Concept blades. They will be numbered and the plan is to have Robar do the coatings. You know they are one of the best out there and the best part is they are about 5miles from where I live! So it will be a FTF deal when it gets done. :comeandge

So just have to play by the rules and get out of Newby status so these blades can be listed for sale... Stay posted
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