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Synth. stock: opinions please

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Just wanted to here some opinions and gleen some knowledge,
What are some good synthetic stocks and where is the best place to look at pics/specs ? I think I have decided this what I want and just need to narrow it down to a couple of choices.

Ps. I have a Houge in the factory contour, I like it but want something stiffer, aslo I am looking for a .92 dia stock.

Thanks in advance

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sall rite

Had me excited there for a second,

I guess I will have additional time to browse, I spent my new stock at the nudie bar last night :(

Man I gotta stay away from those places
I would get that black Anschutz stock. I myself bought a Fajen Silhouette. Later, I discovered the Anschutz is lighter and is better ergonomically. Yes, it is expensive, but bite the bullet (pun intended) because its worth it!
I got a chance to try out the houge at the gun show today, i like it. I think that's what i 'm going to get.
I just got the B&C Anschutz stock from Midway for $155. It looks really great, but it needed a little bit of filing before the action dropped in. Also, it had no sling swivel studs (although the B&C web site says it does), and does not have an escutcheon.

I installed the studs myself after calling B&C about it. The butt of the stock is hollow, but there's over two inches of material where you install the rear stud, so that was no problem. You have to use the wood screw type fore end stud, not the machine screw, and they said to epoxy them in. The standard Ruger escutcheon does not fit, but I suppose you could drill out the hole. I haven't done that.

I took it to the range the other day, but the jury is still out. The gun didn't shoot as well as it usually does with my Clark stock, but there was a twitchy wind that day.

Let me know how that B&C Anschutz stock works out for you, I really am considering buying one but havr not made up my mind totally. also I happen to be broke at the moment.


OnTarget said:
Anyone ever try the CoreLite stock?
I have a CoreLite.
The CoreLite stock is about like the Hogue in stiffness, maybe a little better. I have one with the AlumaLite barrel that Cabelas sells, and for a lite wieght, fat barreled, hunting rifle, that can do a little bench work it is great.
But understand I bought it as a hunting stock, to use with a lite weight barrel. I think that is where it fits best, not used with a 20" long all steel bull barrel. Fit and finish are good for the price. And Cabelas has it for $44.99 in black, they only show camo, but the black is in the drop down menu. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/t...elas/en/content/Item/22/50/34/i225034sm01.jpg
I also like the black of this stock, as it is more a dark grey.
All in all worth what it cost, if you realize it's not a bench stock.
Andy :t :t
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Bell & Carlson Anshultz Stock


I don't know if any of the sponsors are carring B&C stocks. I got mine which is the Thumbhole Anshultz from Warner Guns. Believe it or not I got it in less than 24 hours from when I ordered it. Price with shiping was just under a 165.00 dollars. I normally would not promote a site other than a sponsor, but like I said as far as I know, none of them are selling B&C stocks. Just do a search for them and you'll have no problem. Here is a pic of mine.

{edited: darn things, OK geocities wanted to be a pain about the pic, so here is the page its on}


Dave Z.
I got my B&C Anshutz in black from Outdoorguides.com for $155.
$155 is not to bad I will have to look around and try to find a deal.

Question, what does the inside of the barrel chanel look like ?
Smooth or like a honeycomb ?
Love/Hate Relationship!

OK! Now because of this post, I'm selling my Butler Creek stock and have just purchased a Bell & Carlson Herritage. Guess I should have done more research first!

Don't worry yourself too much, you are by no means the first one to say darn I should have spent the extra on this or that! Been there done that.

I like my B&C stock, they are good quality stocks. Unless you have the big bucks for a McMillan or you want to go laminated IMHO you won't find beter.

Dave Z.

At least you have decided on what you want, I am one of those guy who cannot make up his mind when it comes to this kind of thing. I wish I had the skill to take the best of all the stocks I have seen and leave th stuff I did not like and make my own.

I need some skills,or enough bills to get someone with skills to make me my PERFECT stock :t
Cheaper than dirt

Cheaperthandirt.com has the Corelite stock in black for $36.88.

That seems like the bes deal out there.
Not the cheapest way top go, but...

I decided to go custom.


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