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Synth. stock: opinions please

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Just wanted to here some opinions and gleen some knowledge,
What are some good synthetic stocks and where is the best place to look at pics/specs ? I think I have decided this what I want and just need to narrow it down to a couple of choices.

Ps. I have a Houge in the factory contour, I like it but want something stiffer, aslo I am looking for a .92 dia stock.

Thanks in advance

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best place for Bell & Carlson stocks is off Midway. They usually keep a few in stock. Takes about 3 days to get one.
Can't say anything about the CorLite stocks. I do have one of the standard Anschutz stocks. It is a very nice stock and has a solid feel to it, which i like.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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