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Synth. stock: opinions please

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Just wanted to here some opinions and gleen some knowledge,
What are some good synthetic stocks and where is the best place to look at pics/specs ? I think I have decided this what I want and just need to narrow it down to a couple of choices.

Ps. I have a Houge in the factory contour, I like it but want something stiffer, aslo I am looking for a .92 dia stock.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks both of you guys


Have you done any mods to your houge ? bedding,pressure pad etc. ?

I like my factory contour houge but the action screw feels mushy when I tighten it and I cannot keep the bbl centered in the channel.

What do all you other houge owners do to make your stocks perfect ?

and keep the opinions rolling on other stock I should look at


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Bell & Carlson Website ?

does any body know the web address for bell & Carlson ?

I would like to take a look at what my options are, also has anybody had a Bell & Carlson stock and how did/do you like it ?
umax, Thankyou

that was quite obvious but I had my heart set on Bell&Carlson.com and that didn't work and my address picker would not go any further for me

Looks nice (corelite)

I hope somebody has used one, and can give us their opinion.
This is the one I like


But the PRICE !

does anybody make a similar stock ? synthetic or wood ?

I just love the shape
$100 ? where

I have only seen it for about 2 bills

B&C Anschuts target ?

please let me know
sall rite

Had me excited there for a second,

I guess I will have additional time to browse, I spent my new stock at the nudie bar last night :(

Man I gotta stay away from those places

Let me know how that B&C Anschutz stock works out for you, I really am considering buying one but havr not made up my mind totally. also I happen to be broke at the moment.


$155 is not to bad I will have to look around and try to find a deal.

Question, what does the inside of the barrel chanel look like ?
Smooth or like a honeycomb ?

At least you have decided on what you want, I am one of those guy who cannot make up his mind when it comes to this kind of thing. I wish I had the skill to take the best of all the stocks I have seen and leave th stuff I did not like and make my own.

I need some skills,or enough bills to get someone with skills to make me my PERFECT stock :t
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