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SW Victory light strike on last rd

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I bought a used PC Victory with the carbon barrel. It light strikes on the LAST rd of the mag about 90% of the time, whether I load 8, 9, or 10 rds. No light strikes on any other rounds in the mag, just the last round.

Does it with the original 2 mags that came with the gun, also with 2 new mags I bought later.

Took bolt apart and cleaned everything real well. Including firing pin, spring, etc. Still does it.

Any other tips or things I can try?
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Firing pin housing is made of plastic may need a new one they wear out not a good design that’s why I sold mine
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To bad they made them that way it could have been an excellent gun
Send it back to Smith and Wesson. They may replace the whole pistol
S&w would repair it with new plastic firing pin housing ! But when Steele hammer repeatedly hits the back where it sits same problem will return! Unfortunately it was a bad design by s&w to keep cost down ! I really like the two I had except had to keep replacing the housing and i decided to give up on them at that point being only replacement was only plastic and no upgrade version was being offered!
I own a Victory, and this is the first I had heard of this issue. I see that Midwest Gun works has them for like $5.34 a piece. $50.00 should put ya in business for many years.
I have 3 Victory pistols and have not had any problems with the firing pin housing. All of them see a lot of use. The oldest one probably has at least 60,000 rounds through it. I cannot say that all the pistols have all been problem free because they haven't, but the housing issue isn't one of them.
I guess I’ll check the housing. I need to take it apart again to investigate further anyway.
Some follow up - I took the housing out and cleaned again. My theory was the housing was a little tight causing light primer strikes. I put some Turtle Wax rubbing compound on the firing pin, reassembled, and went to the range. By the 3rd or 4th mag, it started firing the 10th rd. I’ve shot about 300 rds now and it’s 100% on firing the 10th rd.
Old thread I know. My PC Victory is occasionally doing the same thing. I bought it new and it problably has about 1,000 rounds through it. Firing pin will drop but I don't think it is impacting the cartridge at all (I will have to look more closely when it happens next). It only happens on the last round in the mag. I believe that it only happens when I load the mag to capacity. I don't think it has ever happened when I load it short of the ten rounds but I am usually either a 5 round or 10 round guy. I have five different mags and it will happen with any of them. If you eject the unfired round, load it back in the same mag it will always fire. I have not sent it back cause I don't feel it is doing it enough for someone to diagnose the problem. I shot around 150 rounds yesterday and it happened once or twice. Why or how could it be a firing pin issue when it ONLY ever happens on the last round? Happy to know that someone else has experienced this issue.
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