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Surplus Carcano M91/24 TS 6.5x52 Rifle Used Surplus Condition - $249.99

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Cheap for a gun. Too bad it's not, it's a tomato stake & a high priced one.:rolleyes:
There's a reason they are so cheap,,,

There's a reason they are so cheap,,,
It's not a very good shooting rifle.

If you are a WW-II collector though,,,
That's a bargain.

I owned one back in the 60's,,,
Mail ordered it from the Alden's catalog for $12.95.

It was difficult to load without the stripper clips,,,
Once you did get it loaded you couldn't hit anything with it.

I thought I just got a bad apple,,,
But everyone I've ever known said the same thing.

"How did Lee Harvey Oswald hit anyone with it?"


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Carcano Oswald

He did'nt hit anyone, he was a patsy.

I have personally shot 3 different samples of this rifle . I was lucky to get 2 shots on the same target at 100 yards . I really don't think, Mr. Oswald was the Shooter of our President . Was he involved yes , did he fire 3 shots and score one head shot at a moving target with one of the rifles , I really do not think it is humanly possible . There are a few battle rifles capable of this feat but this isn't one of them .
Klines use to sell these for under $10 bucks. Circa late 50,s early 60,s.
Have shot a couple of these, and they are about on par with many surplus rifles - 4-5" groups off a bench at 100 yards. Remember, Dealey Plaza is pretty small and Oswald's longest shot was about 80 yards away - with a 4X scope. He already had one chambered, so he actually had about 3 seconds between shots, not less than 2. And if you look at the size of his "group" on Kennedy, he managed about a one FOOT group at between 50 and 80 yards, not exactly stellar accuracy. He had had some training, whether he was an expert or not. I normally find the single shooter theory substantially more believable than the various second/third shooter theories, myself, but to each his own.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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