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Supermatic Citation

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My father is thinking of buying a like new old Hamden Citation. The price seems right, about $350. BUT he does not like the slide and rear sight on those models. Is it possible to use a slide from another HS? Preferably one with adjustable rear sight. He has an old 103 Sportking, will it fit? If not, where could I get one that will?
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That price isn't right, it is DIRT CHEAP!! If he likes the sight in the slide and not the bridge, he needs a Tournament model with a 5 1/2" heavy barrel instead of the Citation.
However, if he can get a Citation for that price, he'd better buy it and resell for a big profit to buy the normally lower priced Tournament. The Sharpshooter is the successor to the Tournament and would be another possibility.
One more thing would be that putting a Tournament slide on a Citation and removing the bridge would work but the front sight is then too tall so it would need to be changed also.
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