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Summit Precision barrel.

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I have been looking at the Summit Precision barrels. I'm looking for rear world results with them to decide if I want to purchase one of their barrels or go with a Kidd. I have searched this site and only seen one post where someone had ordered one but no results. I love the looks of one, the price isn't bad, and the weight but if the accuracy isn't there it not a choice anymore. I have one person comment from another forum with positive results. Just curious if anyone else has used their barrels.
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Thanks Douglas, I appreciate the well wishes no doubt. Last night was a BEAR. The incision pain kicked in full bore. Oh well, day by day it'll get better. I'm on the road to recovery!

I'm going to try and get my self to HF today to pick up a new heat gun. I'd like to get mine installed as well, try and go shooting this weekend if up to it.

New Arken scope is coming today too. Once all is together, I'll post up some pics.

Thanks much!
Great shooting and pics Rick! Thanks for posting. Feeling better today, sore as all get out though. Each day will bring me back to normal. :gun4:

Thanks for the encouragement!

Blessings to all
At least all is done, MD sir!

Just relax, heal, and let your woman baby you :D

Thanks for the encouragement!

For clarification, I asked my range officer friend (he was at the skeet section) how fast the wind was going yesterday and he told me it was less than what I thought (well, I Googled it, lol!) it was.

I would have wanted him to shoot my rifle yesterday, but he was busy in that section.

That guy (he is Native American) uses 9x at 100 yards and can do less than a MOA consistently with a rimfire if it is accurate.

Shoots almost everyday :D
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MD sir, like I have said the SP barrel tenon has an OD less than a KIDD's, so it will be easy peasy :t

I admire your resolve--I don't think I would go out days after my abdomen has been cut open

Anyway, I plan to implant lead weights into the channel section my stock to make it heavier.

I also need a better scope; probably another Clearidge but with a target dot.

I am good with a 16x at 100 yards, as I use 7x - 8x at 50 provided the reticle is very fine.

Regarding ammo, I am happy that the SP barrel likes the mid-grade SK Pistol Match :bthumb:

My KIDD barrels do like this ammo (thank you, ILIKE1022) as well.

Been looking for an Eley Semi Auto Benchrest for a while now 'cuz I would like to try it, too!
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I forgot to add I had no FTE's nor FTF's with the SP barrel :t

Gonna add some weight to this build of mine, as I find it a bit light for BR work.

Fortunately, the barrel channel of the Super Euro Stock has a huge cut-out below it, which measures 18mm depth x 20 mm wide x 158 mm long:

Gonna put some lead or steel bar to add more heft.

I forgot about this opening until I took out the action the other day :t
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Summit Precision 10/22 Barrels

Has been added to the sticky "10/22 aftermarket barrels". Great post! Also this thread has been linked to the sticky as well. The pictures of the barrels and targets are just great! Yes, I'm late to the party, but really thought it was already included. I haven't call them as of yet, but very interested to find out if they are .920" diameter barrels, and get the rest of the story about the blanks and production. Thanks for the great info!
I'll measure mine here in a bit ammohog, but I do indeed believe it's .920" Thanks for adding this info in the sticky! Sweet!

Well folks, I'm feeling much better after the surgery, but NO WAY I'm going shooting this weekend. Still a bit tender as they say. Hopefully this coming week sometime.

As for the Kidd barrel extraction. Went to Home Depot yesterday and picked up a Wagner heat gun. It certainly did help A LOT, but it was so tight in the Kidd receiver that it took me a good 20 min of work to get it out. I knew it was going to fight me, as I stated earlier I did the thermal differentiation fitment when installing (barrel in freezer, heat gun on the receiver.) It still needed a rubber mallet tap to seat. Oh well, it's out and the SP CF barrel is in.

Hopefully it'll shoot good, as I love the look & feel of it. Quite the bargain compared to other offerings if it's a "ringer." We shall see.

Please don't hate me on the Empire State Bldg sized scope. I know this type of build is not for everyone, but it's sole purpose is 50-300yrd bench / tripod shooting. I'm thinking it should work for that.. at least I hope.

Enjoy, and again thank you all for the well wishes / words of encouragement!!


Edit: Just measured the SS end-cap (same diameter as the barrel) and I come up with .9050"

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MD sir, the scope looks not too off 'cuz of the barrel length and size of your stock :t

That barrel will shoot, I tell ya!

What ammo do you have?
It's a solid chunk-o-scope no doubt Rick. Arken SH-4 Gen II 6-24x50 with 34mm main tube. Hefty to say the least. 108.8 MOA on Elevation, mounted on Kidd's 10 MOA rail. That should work!! :D

I hope it works out, guys on Sniper's Hide rave about them. One guy states his sample is on par with his Vortex Razor HD GenII 4.5-27x56. That's saying something right there. I'm patiently waiting to give'r a whirl.

Ammo? Lots of it. Most not worthy of this rig. Very little of the good stuff. A bit of:

SK Pistol Match Special
SK Rifle Match
Eley Target
Eley Subsonic HP
American Eagle 45g Suppressor
Federal GM 40g Match

A boatload of:

CCI Mini Mag HP
CCI Std Velocity
CCI Mini Mag Target
Winchester 45g Super Suppressed

TONS of other LRN bulk pack. MKIV plink'n ammo.

I would absolutely LOVE to find some high end ammo. But it's rare as hens teeth right now, and if you do find it, $$$$$$$$.

I'll just have to make do. See what she like, go from there.
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The SK should do you good :t

I thought the scope was just a 30mm tube, lol!
The SK should do you good :t
I hope so. I've got very little of it, but scored 500 rounds of pistol match the other day. Truth be told, I'm going to run some of the plink'n ammo through it eventually. Hope I find some of it that shoots well, that would be a blessing!

May get'r out this Friday. I'm feeling MUCH better today. I actually got out and put the Hustler Raptor 54" ZTR to good use today. Yard needed it! :D

Rock on my brethren :bthumb:
Well, finally have it all together. The Evo stock had one of those frequently offered side-trips by the USPS, but finally arrived in Friday's mail. It is an all-KIDD build except for the Summit Precision barrel, and is wearing a Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15x42 SF scope in Burris Signature ZEE rings. Looking forward to seeing how it shoots. :)



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Well, finally have it all together. The Evo stock had one of those frequently offered side-trips by the USPS, but finally arrived in Friday's mail. It is an all-KIDD build except for the Summit Precision barrel, and is wearing a Vortex Razor HD LH 3-15x42 SF scope in Burris Signature ZEE rings. Looking forward to seeing how it shoots. :)

hey Doug that's looking good :bthumb: I see you decided to go with the red trigger blade to add a bit more color...now you just need the dyed mags :D

yes, I'm looking forward to your range report too

Doug, waiting a week for parts isn't bad..I ordered some cheap carabiners from harbor freight, I use them to hold combination/box end wrench sets neatly in my Jeeps tool bags

fedex took over a month after they were shipped to finally get them delivered to me
What a bummer

Got it out yesterday morning as planned, sad to say this barrel is nowhere near what my Kidd ULW can do. Actually, it was a hot mess... wouldn't feed (it was scraping the bullets hard trying to chamber) and no real accuracy at all @ 50 yards. Great looking barrel, but no go for me.

This was using some of my SK pistol match special too. I gave up after about 50 rounds of constant jams. I actually had a bit better luck with CCI Std velocity. They would feed somewhat with less fuss, but no accuracy AT ALL.

Kidd barrel back in the bench rest rig when I got home. I know for a fact this barrel can shoot.

I'll contact Summit Precision at some point, truthfully I'd like to return it. Again, darn shame as it does look stellar.
Oh, boy! Haven't had a chance to try mine yet -- sure hope it's better than that. I'm spoiled with KIDD and Feddersen barrels, so that's a high hurdle. Don't recall -- does he have an accuracy guarantee or satisfaction guarantee?

The KIDD Ultralight is great but is only available in a 16.25" length, so the longer Summit Precision was attractive (along with its good looks).

Edit: I just checked and they have a "100% Customer Satisfaction" guarantee. Hope you contact them, Mack, and let us know how they actually stand behind their barrels.

Yeah Doug, I certainly do hope you have better luck than I. Was really, really shocked with my results. Futile range trip for sure.

I didn't "fit" the barrel to the existing Kidd receiver either. Heat gun thermal fit and it slipped in. I made sure to clock the extractor slot & didn't over torque the Kidd v-block either. After a cool down it was rock solid with no movement even before installing the v-block. I felt confident I did everything right.. at least to me.

I've only used Kidd & Pike Arms (Tactical Innovations) barrels thus far for my 10/22 builds, and they've both been very good. Kidd being the best, no doubt. Like you, I got spoiled.

There's a "blurb" on Summit's website about accuracy guaranty, but we shall see. At this point, I'd rather just send it back for a refund. But if he wants to do a swap, I'll go that route.

Post up when you get a chance to shoot yours. I'm interested to see if maybe, just maybe I got one that "slipped through the cracks."

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That is disheartening news, MD sir!

I was expecting yours to perform like mine.

I am sure the owner will do you right---probably you got an anomalous one.

You know, I am very happy with mine, so I am getting another one when the TI receiver (silver, detachable rail) that I want becomes available again.

I plan to go the the range this coming Saturday to duplicate my groups or better them!
No worries, we'll get it sorted out! Good luck.

Well, I sent an email explaining my woes to Summit Precision (Matt.) Sure enough, I get a response back from him (quite quickly I might add!) He's as shocked as I was, and will be shipping me a new unit out this coming week. Now that right there impressed me, big time.

I really hope I can get one to work in the KRG rig. They're so gorgeous! Not that the Kidd barrel isn't a cutie pie, but like I've said over and over, I'm a sucker for real carbon fiber. And no doubt Matt's got it down. Little chunk-o-artwork in my eyes.

Just wanted to share my experience with the owner. Stand up guy. I should have kept my mouth shut unit I at least gave the man a fair shake on working with me. I apologized to him for that, and want everyone here to know!!

I most certainly will update after getting it installed and out for a test run.

All y'all post up results, please! I'm a geek like that too... :D

Happy shooting,
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After further communication vial email with Matt from Summit, he’s sending me a new barrel (18.5”) tomorrow morning. I told him either length, whatever he had on hand. So 18.5” it is!

Gent has been a pleasure to email back & forth with, I’m so happy he’s there for us after the sale. I told him again I was truly sorry for posting my results before giving him a chance to get it straightened out. I guess the old saying still holds true, never to old to learn a thing or two..

Anywho, just wanted to post up as things progress with my purchase. I certainly don’t want to scare off anyone looking at his wares. I’m sure mine was a fluke, as everyone else seems to be pleased as punch.

Happy shooting
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