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I ran upon one of these at a small local gun show some few years back. It and a Savage Anschutz Mark 10A were on a table together . After some dickering, I walked away with both guns...I seem to recall giving something like $950 for both. After getting the guns home and not knowing anything about the Suhl, I did some research and found that mine was one of the Jim Williams guns set up in a blue McMillan bench rest stock and professionally pillar bedded and with an early Bill Calfee tuner on it.

I will say this, that gun had the nicest factor trigger I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. The gun was quiet accurate...shot about like what you show in your targets. Unfortunately, it fell victim to a fit of downsizing that seized upon me. I miss shooting that gun....did I mention that the trigger was awesome? :giggle:

Congratulations on owning a fine gun that shoots well. Makes me wonder how it would shoot if it was perhaps bedded and had a tuner attached...

I remember that one! Unfortunately, I, too, fell into a "fit of downsizing" and sold that fine rifle. And yes, it did have a wonderful trigger.
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