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Success with 69 Trainer

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I puchased a Romanian 22lr trainer a while back and added an old 3/4" Weaver 3-6x scope. Accuracy was pretty good with several brands of ammo (Wolf did very well). The poor rifle then sat for 2 years waiting to be refinished. I finally completed the refinishing but in the mean time found this website and all the neat little tricks like polishing the firing pin so it retracts as you close the bolt to make cycling easier. I also polished the sear and feed ramp. To top it off I drilled out the stock to accept a pillar for the take down screw and bedded the action and chamber area with Devcon. She now shoots 5 shots of Wolf MT into 3/4" at 50yds - plenty good for me.

Thanks to everyone here for there ideas and input. Great site.