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Subsonic Ammo

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Hey guys. I fired my TC classic this past weekend for the first time and loved it! The only thing I don't like is the fact that it does not eject subsonic ammo. I have to manually pull back the bolt and release in order to eject the shell and feed a new one. Is anyone else having this problem with subsonic ammo? I'm wondering if chamfering the bolt would help. It cycles through Mini-Mags fine. Thanks for any help you might provide.
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I have shot Aguila subsonic in my Classic and most of the time everything works fine. However, when it starts to get dirty it may occasionally not cycle the next round off the top of the magazine. Also the bolt does not lock back when the magazine is empty due to the reduced power of the subsonic. I have chamferred the rear of my bolt.
Cleaned and Modified

Well I broke it down and gave it a nice cleaning. While I had it apart, I chamfered the bottom of the bolt (about a 1/8" radius). I'll go shoot this weekend at the farm and report on whether this made a difference. Thanks for the advice guys.
well no luck with the CB Longs. They did not cycle. I'll try to find some Aguila's and see if that makes a difference.
As I stated, the Aguila Subsonic cycle in mine, but do not lock the bolt back.
If I could ask, what does it mean to chamfer the bolt? Why would doing this mod make it possable for the rifle to cycle subsonics? As it is I use subsonics and use my rifle as a bolt action in a semi.
May I ask a stupid question? Wouldn't the modifications described above, namely a 1/8" radius cut on any edge of any surface of the firearm, void the factory warranty? Has anyone sent a modified Classic in for warranty service successfully without having to pay?

I shoot Aguila standard velocity in my Classic with no problem. They will lock the bolt back on the last shot in summer, but not in winter. My bolt is not radiused.

Is Aguila std. vel. a subsonic round? I thought it was, and only high velocity or higher broke the speed of sound.


The Aguila SE Std Vel. round is reported at 1135 Ft/sec. The Aguila Subsonics are 1025 Ft/sec.
The classic is clean sensititve. I went through and polished the moving parts of the action and shoot Wolf MT in mine all the time. It cycles the standard velocity ammo a little better. It worked for me?
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