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stovepipe problems

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I built my ten year old daughter a 10/22 using a Blackhawk Axiom stock. On it's maiden voyage to the range it was flawless except for a few duds which I blame on the Remington Thunderbolts (had the same issue in my Mark I). Since then I decided to do something about the crappy stock trigger and threw in a VQ hammer w/ the included springs and a PC titanium extractor. We took it to the range Saturday and about every fifth round was a stove pipe! All we ran through it was Winchester 333 as that was all I brought. What gives? The mags were stock Ruger and a BX25.
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My issue is not gun related but magazine, the gun works with other mags, but not the 4 new ones. The gun had one week of league on it after being cleaned, about 120 rounds her magazines were dirty, I was going to clean them and she told me to just get her 4 new ones, and this is when the issues started, with the loaded round not feeding into the chamber. she is using the same ammo as last week, out of the same box so I would rule it out also.
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