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stovepipe problems

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I built my ten year old daughter a 10/22 using a Blackhawk Axiom stock. On it's maiden voyage to the range it was flawless except for a few duds which I blame on the Remington Thunderbolts (had the same issue in my Mark I). Since then I decided to do something about the crappy stock trigger and threw in a VQ hammer w/ the included springs and a PC titanium extractor. We took it to the range Saturday and about every fifth round was a stove pipe! All we ran through it was Winchester 333 as that was all I brought. What gives? The mags were stock Ruger and a BX25.
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It's a new Power Custom titanium extractor in it. I got it on sale from Midway for like $8 so I bought it when I ordered some other stuff, I also dropped one in my MK I and it did fine. Maybe I'll try the stock extractor in it's place again.
Opps I think I have the wrong definition of a stovepipe. The problem I'm having is live rounds getting caught going into the chamber. When you pull the bolt back and shake the gun ejector port pointed down the round will fall out (sometimes with the help of a finger) and the bullet will be bent. Again using stock mags.
When it jambs where is the bolt? Is it behind the cartridge case trying to push the round into the chamber, or is the bolt hitting the case in the mid-point, setting on top of the round?
The round is almost out of the clip at about a 50 deg angle with half the bullet in the chamber bent, the bolt is behind the round. I added one of those blocks that lock three mags together. They are new stock Ruger mags but I wonder if they are not seating completely due to a block/stock clearance issue. I had two guns to sight in Saturday so I did not pay too much attention to it. My dad was watching my daughter making sure she was safe, I just know I had to clear the action quite a bit. I figured I'd take it apart later. On it's first range trip it was flawless but I did not have the clip block either. I'll look at it closer tonight.
I have not looked at this issue yet, got a new Lee press that has taken up my fun time. I wonder if you could shim the spring? I only through about the tri-mag later, I'm wondering if it clears my stock completely. Hopefully i'll have some time tonight to look at this.
Found this:


Removed the Tri-mag as is confused my 10 year old anyways, will test it out next time I get to the range and report back.
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