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Left New Mexico in 1981. Santa Fe had few decent gun shops. Outdoorsman Of Santa Fe 530 N. Guadalupe Street was biggest (with prices to match). In Albuquerque Ron Peterson on 4418 Central Ave SE. was well stocked. Shooter's Den 2729 San Mateo Blvd NE used to have exotic guns. [The other ones I used to deal with have closed down due to old-as-dirt owners]. In San Antonio (1985 to 1991) best buys were at the gun show. Good proces are at gun shops way outside of the city. Old Fort Trading Post (210) 433-3351 750 N General Mcmullen Dr was decent; had a lot of Kleingunther and BSA 'martine-henry' target rifles. If you drive down I 10, through El Paso, look up in the yellow pages gun and pawn shops in El Paso; gun country, a lot of lever and cowboy sixshooters make it over the border from Mexico into El Paso. LOCK YOUR CAR EVERYWHERE IN THE El Paso AREA !!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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