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Can anyone tell me how to lighten the trigger pull on my Stevens Favorites. Nice little rifles but, like most factory guns, the trigger pull sucks. Just about pass out from lack of oxygen waiting for them to break. Thanks for any info.
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Better but not Great

For what it may be worth, in case anyone else wants to try, I knocked the hammer and trigger pins out. Best way is to take the hammer and mainspring plunger out first. The sear had a couple of small burrs that I stoned off. There isn't a lot of sear engagement here so I would advise some caution. I also stoned the trigger where it engages the sear. The main spring is really stiff and this is the main problem. Typical lawyer trigger. I tried 4 different springs but they were all too light and the round wouldn't fire. Finally, I cut a coil from the original spring and it helped. So I cut another coil off. Much better but not great. I turned coward and stopped at 2 coils. I now have around a 4 1/2 lb. trigger pull. Really couldn't telll what it was prior because I didn't have anything that would go that high. I am guessing it was every bit of 8 lbs. or more. Hope this may help someone out.
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