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Step 1 Complete!

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Went to Wally World today and got a 10/22 for 159.96. I decided to start fresh with a brand new action.

Step 2. SS Heavy Fluted 20" GM barrel
Step 3. Micro Fit Tactical Stock.
Step 4. VQ TG2000
Step 5. VQ bolt assmy.
Step 6. Agonize over the scope choice.

Still researching info on scopes. I'm used to mil-dots, but way too expensive.

I do have 1 question though, wheres a good place to shop for iron sights? I would like the ability to swap over to peep sights once in awhile.

Thanks for the help guys, this fever hits faster and harder than a runaway semi!!

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What type of wood on your tactical? I've got darn near the same set up. Trigger/bolt are my own, and bbl is 16.5"

You'll find thet there is plenty wood to work with. My delivery was right on que. Took me longer to complete it than it did for it to get here. You'll be proud of the 20" bbl. as I had to cut the fore end off of my stock. Expect a huge, very nice hunk of wood.

I agree, Get Randy, to do your bolt, and get the Kidd. Way better on both counts. I'm not knocking VQ by any means, but you won't get Randy's personal service from VQ.

Scope? Question of the century, if you have a tight budget. Its the only part that you can't cut cost, by doing work your self. Well, the bbl is the obvious exception.

Good luck, have fun!
Sweet! I ended up with finger grooves in the pistol grip. There was that much wood to remove. Fits like a glove.

Hope you like yours as much as I like mine. I'm so close to shooting targets, that I want to leave work early every day, just to see ...
w00kie98 said:
Great!!!! Sounds like me and the Dremel will get to work some.

What kind of shooting do you do?

I'm interested in BR and silhouette. I thought this stock would cover just about anything I wanted it to do.

Exactly the same. I'm not as serious about BR yet, but silhouette will get some attention soon. I'll be shooting in the Email matches, and hope to do well. This is by no means a hunting rifle, and it is not all out BR. It is a great starting point, and if I find that I like the BR game, I can always get a better BR rifle. It as about as serious as a plinker as you will find.;) Still, the 10/22 is holding its own in the 25 yard matches!!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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