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Step 1 Complete!

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Went to Wally World today and got a 10/22 for 159.96. I decided to start fresh with a brand new action.

Step 2. SS Heavy Fluted 20" GM barrel
Step 3. Micro Fit Tactical Stock.
Step 4. VQ TG2000
Step 5. VQ bolt assmy.
Step 6. Agonize over the scope choice.

Still researching info on scopes. I'm used to mil-dots, but way too expensive.

I do have 1 question though, wheres a good place to shop for iron sights? I would like the ability to swap over to peep sights once in awhile.

Thanks for the help guys, this fever hits faster and harder than a runaway semi!!

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Thanks, 1st 10/22. Am researching and considering that.

Meanwhile, Step 2 & 3 are ordered. :t

Its like X-Mas all over again!!!!

But the downside is the wait. :(

Tactical stock may take up to 8 weeks and the barrel wont be in stock for 2-3 weeks. I have patience at the scope but not at the mailbox.

Will keep ya'll posted.
Thanks plchacker,

the wood is the black/grey laminate. I thought it would go well with the SS barrel.

As for the bolt/trigger group, I was considering Randy for the bolt and use the money saved for a better scope. I've read the threads and did a search but never really found the reason for skipping the TM2000. The price difference is the real factor here. If I spend the 300 on the Kidd, then I have to cut funds for the scope. Oh woe is me!!!!!!
Great!!!! Sounds like me and the Dremel will get to work some.

What kind of shooting do you do?

I'm interested in BR and silhouette. I thought this stock would cover just about anything I wanted it to do.

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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