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Step 1 Complete!

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Went to Wally World today and got a 10/22 for 159.96. I decided to start fresh with a brand new action.

Step 2. SS Heavy Fluted 20" GM barrel
Step 3. Micro Fit Tactical Stock.
Step 4. VQ TG2000
Step 5. VQ bolt assmy.
Step 6. Agonize over the scope choice.

Still researching info on scopes. I'm used to mil-dots, but way too expensive.

I do have 1 question though, wheres a good place to shop for iron sights? I would like the ability to swap over to peep sights once in awhile.

Thanks for the help guys, this fever hits faster and harder than a runaway semi!!

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plchacker said:

Still, the 10/22 is holding its own in the 25 yard matches!!
If you look, the 25yrd overall winner was using a 10/22:D
(GOOD shooting JL!!)
Figures since now I'm moving into the realm of being a bolt head:p
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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