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Steambow AR-6 Tactical Repeating Crossbow Pistol w/Laser - $186.99

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What crossbow would you recommend to me as a beginner?
As far as I read the article on Best Crossbow For The Money (Top Rated Reviews 2022), the best choice would be the Barnett. Speaking of power, this compact crossbow can send arrows flying toward your target at 350 feet per second with a kinetic energy of 103 foot-pounds. Thus, it's no slouch. Its power and compactness make it the best crossbow for hunting under 500. What surprised me about this crossbow was the tension force. It has a manageable tension weight of 150 pounds. It has one of the lightest tension weights of any crossbow I have ever used. This means it is enjoyed by beginners and professionals alike.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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