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SSME has something VERY GOOD for us!

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Hi, Comrades!

SSME had done miraculous again( first was inporting Soviet Tokarev pistols in original configuration).
Now they soon will have TOZ-78(with original scop, made not in China) and TOZ-78-01.
It's .22LR bolt action carabines. 5-10 round mag!!! As I have info from Soviet Union, those rifles better, then TOZ-17.
Link to SSME: http://www.ssmedwi.com/Rifles page 3.htm
Who can read Russian can get original info here: http://www.hunt4u.ru/toz-78.htm

I will buy one with scope.

Do not know, how many SSME has, so,-better harry up.
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OK guys...click on the second link lavric gave. On the left side of the page there is a yellow green index area. Go most of the way down and click on "rifle.ru"

when the new page comes up, there are 2 pics on the right. The top one is patriotic, the lower one is 2 women carrying guns. Click on the picture and see what appears!

After further investigation, clicking on either of the pics that appear on the new page produces even more pics!
Those Russians sure know how to advertise.

I'm here to tell you that I may just have to get one of these rifles. I'm not sure why really and couldn't read a single word on the site but I have this strange desire to buy one. It's really strange; first rifle that I've seen that makes me want to call the wife and talk dirty to her :D

Sex AND violence. My favorite combination.

Darris C.
I thought I'd help you guys out some, in return for everyone helping me with some of my problems.

This is what http://www.hunt4u.ru/toz-78.htm says in english

Toz-"8 hunting multicharged magazine trade carbine under the cartridge of the annular ignition of caliber .22 LR

Magazine small-caliber carbine Of toz-"8
Toz-"8 hunting multicharged magazine trade carbine under the cartridge of the annular ignition of caliber .22 LR (Long Rifle) with the lead bullet with a weight of 2,6 g with the optical sight.Model is developed in 1986-1987, must replace TOZ the carbines In the construction/design of carbine chief characteristic is the reinforced cutoff of bore, radical which distinguishes from the previous models and which makes it possible to use all types of the cartridges of the annular ignition, produced in the world, including cartridges of the intensive power.
The stem of carbine, solidly fastened with the receiver group, is somewhat more massive than in the previous carbines of Tula plant.Length of stem 536 mm, aiming line 420 mm. to the muzzle part of the stem is fastened the base of closed type fly.
Toz-"8-0y in contrast to the carbine Of toz-"8 does not have optical sight and is completed by two circular magazines: one to 5, and onet o 10 cartridges.In other respects both models are analogous.
The carbine Of toz-"8 through its technical and operational indices is located on the level of the best uniform samples of the contemporary hunting carbines of foreign production.
* * *

the detailed description of the device/equipment of each gun and principle of the work of mechanisms;
detailed diagrams and drawings;
table with the detailed technical characteristics;
design features;
the special feature of operation;
the special feature of ammunition;
the information about the modifications;
the order of the assembling- dismantling of gun;
the ranging of gun;
typical malfunctions and the methods of their elimination;
modification on an improvement in the gun;
interaction of the mechanisms of gun;
the loading -razr4janie of gun;
storage and withdrawal.
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Very good ad. Very good. I think I've seen some of those guns some where!!!??? And to think we were in a cold war with these nice people once aupon a time. I want to learn to read Russian!!!
I followed the links

Talk about some double barrels! Those ads made me want to fire a few shots.
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