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SSH Ricochet 50y Challenge Part 2

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Having been around when Rico was here I decided to keep this one alive. I did make one change in his honor. Rico was an ammo conservationist, so to pay homage to this it is a 4 shot game now. Have fun!

Let's play the "Ricochet 50yd Challenge"!

The rules:
1. Any rifle that complies with SuperSport Heavy is legal.
2. Any ammo you like.
3. Any target you like to use that includes the following:
Four 4 shot groups minimum -you may shoot 5 shot groups and play, however your group size will be based on 5 shots if you shoot 5. No cherry picking your best 4 of a 5 shot group! :D
Four sizer shots
Rifle name/ammo
Shooter name
Date, only targets shot after the start of the game, 9/6/16, are legal
4. Each group will net score less than .512
5. Same rules regarding rests as used in Super stock

Groups are measured from the widest points and the sizer average is subtracted to give the net score.

Please post the target and a pic of the rifle so we can see what you are using.

Good luck!!!!

Also, you may double dip and use a target from another game if you like. No requirement that a target be shot only for this game.
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Qualifiers from first SSH Rico 5 shot Game

Rokehe, Groovie 3.0
Plinker4life, Walnut Varmint Sporter
Clem-E, Pugsley
Hawkeye57, Old Brown Shoe

New Qualifiers: 4 shot game
Thanks Vincent, and Clem E.
Its good to see it going again.:bthumb:
Thanks and Questions

Thanks Clem-E for doing this.

I have one question. I kind of assume that you, like Ricochet, will ALLOW 5 shot groups if they want to make it harder on themselves. I always shot 5 in his games for two reasons.

To allow 5 shot groups only makes it harder on the shooter because there is NO CHERRY PICKING which 4 shots count. You shot 5 you count 5.

1. If it was in an eligible class the 5 shots allowed you to compete for ZEE Rows and any other things like record groups.

2. Some people, like me, keep targets for recording purposes for years. I have a 3 ring binder full of centerfire targets from 1976-77!! I felt it was worth making Ricochet's game harder to keep my recording system intact and the possibilities of competing in co-competitive class as a Zee Row. :D:bthumb:

Please note these are questions/suggestions NOT telling you what to do with the game. Your game, your rules as it always has been in the SuperStock family of 3 Forums.
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You read my mind. That is absolutely my intent Vince. I will add that to the rules. I feel honored to be able to continue this tradition of a game as a way to remember our fallen friend. We miss you Rico. Thanks again Vincent!
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