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If you get a good calm day to squirrel hunt it gets pretty easy. I just move real slow though a stand of trees that have nuts the squirrel like to feed on. Here in Ohio the we have lots of hickory, beech and oak trees. With the leaves still on the trees I just move slow and listen for bit of nuts and hulls falling from the trees. When I here the falling debre I start watch the tree tops. It seem that squirrel that are feeding in the tree tops seem pretty oblivious to anything I do. If there on the ground and they see me they disapear but if there feeding in the tree tops they pay me little attention.

I started hunting squirrels this season (started August 18 here in Ohio) using my Marlin 25MN in 22WMR shooting Remington 33gr V-Max and took four nice fox squirrels. The 22WMR is a bit to much gun. I was shooting at their heads but in 3 of 4 squirrels I hit shoulder too. Needless to say it did a number on the meat. I switched to my Ruger 10/22 shooting plan Federal Lighting 40gr solids. I got six squirrel in one afternoon and the 22LR are just perfect. I just shot for the upper body. The nice 40gr solids just punch a nice hole and dropped them every time, as long as I hit them above the diapham it seems to work.

I also have found that I can somewhat call a squirrels. Its tuff to explain but suck short burst of air between my teeth and tonge. I make a quite barking sounds. After locating squirrels I can use the barking to sometime get one to show himself for a shot. I have tried a store bought call without much luck.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck hunting squirrels and let us know how it goes.

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