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Hello everyone, I think this is the right board/fourm or whatever to post this in...

First off i just got my first "rifle" that is... it LOOKS like one... and is SUPPOSE to be one... but it cant really be one yet... See, I am completly missing the entire bolt assembly...

I know i got a cheap gun... wel it was given to me, though I really would like for it to work. Obviously my first priority is getting a **** bolt for this thing, next is to see if there is any way i could mount a scope...

My last choice is to just... I dunno have some fun with this (wow, wood and metal...) and just get a new rifle. Which as much as i would LIKE to do that, I do have.... limited funds (to spend on something so "useless").

Also, if i get a new rifle I was thinking a Ruger 10/22 (of course) but I would prefer a .22 LR bolt action... fed by a magizine would be ideal. Just something to plink with, id like to mount a scope and all and im no way gonna spend over $150 for a plink gun... Any suggestions?

Thanks all for your time.


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Savage M15 Bolt


Parts are available for the "Savage, Stevens, Springfield" rifles at "Numrich". They list a 'bolt assembly' for the 'Savage, Stevens & Springfield 15Y' at $52.05 ....! ! Might be better to just buy a new rifle.....! ! :(

M15 Bolt


Hope this helps....! ! :)
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