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O.K., I'm sure I might get some criticism here, but..................
I've been looking around for a scope lately
Camr real close to buying a Celestron or Meade "Astronomical" type of scope. you know, the type that is about the size and shape of a coffee can.

I called Celestron and asked them of their recommendation and they actually steered me away from it for technical reasons that I can't even remember, much less repeat. Of course, I told them what I wanted to use it for...seeing bullet holes out to 600 yds.

They recommended that I buy the Celestron Ultima 100 scope.
It is made in two versions, the standard and the "ED" version which has a different type of glass in the lenses.
Both are 20X - 66X zoom.
I bought the standard version, $298.00.

Last Saturday I went to a Groundhog match in Lewistown, Pa.
We shoot out to 500 yds at that match.

Let me tell you, I was impressed with the scope, and so was my shooting partner.

There were at least 20 different scopes there of all different manufacturers.
Everything from some funky looking military thing to $3000.00 Kowa binoculars.
At first with the 100 and 300 yard targets there was no problem with any of the scopes.
But when we got out to 500 yds and the sun was up and the mirage in full swing things got tough to see.

I will honestly say this, and I am not a salesman for Celestron, that there were only two scopes that were better at 500 yds.

They were the $3,000.00 Kowa Highlander binoculars and a Swarovski spotting scope.
All others were not as clear as the $300.00 Celestron.

Don't get me wrong, they were not perfect. But they were darned good for the money.
I found them on the net at a place in Maryland.

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Howdy Joe,
Thanks for the info. I have been thinking of finally replacing my circa 1984 30X Bushnell SpaceMaster. It is still a half decent compact scope, but my 36X Rifle scopes are way clearer.
$300 for a spotting scope good out to 500 yds is quite the deal.
The Win 52 Scope mount works great and I have a couple of buddies thinking of ordering ones to use on Martinis. I think the block spacing is the same so it just may work without alterations. I'll keep you posted.

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I agree. A friend of mine has one of the Celestron Ultima 80's and it works great for rimfire BR spotting. Very clear, and less than 150.00 from what he told me. I think the power is 20-60X with an 80 MM objective. Best scope I've looked thru for the money.
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