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Sporter MSRP went up

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Hopefully it's just a Ruger site error because I have not seen any for sale being that expensive. Did just picked up another sporter for alittle over $400 with tax.

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That MSRP is about 11.5 times what mine cost new... 50+ years ago! It was $44... I still have it!
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Ruger along with just about everybody else has had a large price increase.
A karge drink at mcdonalds was $1 now $1.50 . Get used to that freight trains coming hard.
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1/1/2022 Ruger had a 6% price increase. They usually will at least once a year. CZ had a 10% on 1/1/2022.
Like everyone said the freight and raw materials are getting higher.
I got one a year ago or so. Like new with BX trigger for less than 300 bucks. Guess I will hang on to that.
Not surprised to see msrp go up. Nice that retail prices have come down from a year ago for most firearms. Not a bad time to buy right now (and might get better later in 2023). 2024 being an election year means prices are likely to rise.
2 different LGS has about ½ a dozen for $339.
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