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Spare Parts

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After looking at my little supply bin of stuff that I have replaced on the three 10/22's at my house (plus three more that belong to friends,) and staining thirteen (wow, may have to do just one more, that's unlucky, right) factory stocks I count:

3 factory extractors with springs
2 bolt stop pins
1 bolt release
3 magazine releases
4 barrel bands
3 brass escutcheons
2 action screws
5 plastic butt plates
3 hammers
5 little bags of VQ springs that weren't used

And this after I already sold two factory barrels, and gave away three bolt stop pin/magazine release custom extended releases.

So I am just wondering since I have only a few Ruger 10/22 modifications under my belt...what kind of stock pile of spare factory parts do you real addicts have?

Is there anyone with say, a dozen tomato stake barrels?
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15 factory extractors with springs and a close or equal amount of the same, but from 22 magnums.
bolt stop pins
bolt release
magazine releases
barrel bands
action screws
little bag of VQ springs
factory supplied trigger locks
i've still got a new in box factory barrel an stock set...........anyone know what to do with em??
I need one of those mag releases!


Not to hijack your thread or anything, but I was sure could use one of those mag releases. How much would you sell me one for? I don't think I have anything useful to horsetrade with unless you want one of those junk Triple-K High Standard mags or some Garand clips.

tomato stakes ??

dont farm, plus the hoppers eat everything in sight. but have the classiest tent pegs in town. talking about SS factory bbls.

rummage sale

Well apparently I had somethings someone else needed...which is cool cause now I don't have or need them extra parts.

But, here is the list now:

1 factory extractor with springs
4 barrel bands
1 plastic butt plate
3 hammers
1 little bags of VQ springs that weren't used

Quick, better not join this list. Nah, just kidding, glad I could help and kind of nice to clean up the ziplock baggy collection.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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