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General Information

Beware the "Unbiased" Review (Vendor's Representative Uses Multiple Accounts to Shill Their Products)

TOU's list of CZ & BRNO links

Are CZ Bores Tighter Than Average?

Models & Specs

PDF Copies of Owner's Manuals (including some discontinued models)

ShelbyFan's Charts on CZ Model Specs

How Does the 455 Differ from the 452?

When it comes to CZ, never say never. One of a kind? Or rare limited edition?

Recommended Torque on the 455 Barrel & Action Screws


Adjusting the Non-Adjustable Trigger on the BRNO Model 1

Adjusting the CZ-452 Trigger

Adjusting the CZ Single Set Trigger (RFC Member's Post)

Adjusting the CZ Single Set Trigger (CZ-USA Blog)

Installing the YoDave Trigger Kit on the CZ-452

The Poor Man's Trigger Job for the CZ-452

Nice variation on the PMTJ for the CZ-452 that puts the shims in a different spot

Some Helpful Hints Regarding the Poor Man's Trigger Job

Which 455s Can Be Retrofited With the Single-Set Trigger?

Improving the CZ-512 Trigger

Getting that Pesky Spring-Loaded Ball for the Sear Back in Place


Disassembly of the CZ Bolt

Disassembly of the BRNO 468 Bolt

Video: CZ Bolt Disassembly

Video: Another Showing CZ Bolt Disassembly

Smoothing the Bolt's Movement


Tuning a Magazine to Correct Feeding Issues

Making the Magnum Magazine a Flush Fit

Single Shot Adapters -- photos of poly CZ version and metal BRNO version


Floating the Barrel

Replacing the Forearm's Sling Stud (with backing plate for heavy duty use)

Getting a Grippier Grip

22AGS's How-to on Repairing Chipped Stocks

Repairing a Scratch

Making Sawdust Patches

Colouring Wood with Dye

ALS's Link to Tips on Stock Refinishing

Refinishing a Stock with Tru-Oil

Woodstock's Variation on the Tru-Oil Finish

Clarity and Colour of Topcoats (finishes)

Effects of Topcoats on Colour

35WCF's Step-by-Step Restoration of a BRNO

Sights & Scopes

Removing the CZ-452 Rear Sight Leaf

Removing the CZ-455 Rear Sight

Adjusting the CZ 452 Iron Sights

Adjusting the CZ 455 Iron Sights

Replacing a Front Sight -- how tall?

Table Showing Required Sight Adjustment to Get on Target at 100 Yards

The Difference Between the 11mm Dovetail and the 3/8" Dovetail

Using Your New Binocular

Beginner's Guide to Scopes

Video: Installing Your Scope

Can't Remember Which Way to Turn the Knob?

Electronic Sights -- A Primer

MGT's Recommendations on Hunting Scopes

What Scope-Ring Combo Will Work On My CZ?

MGT's Guide to Mounting & Boresighting a Scope

Is My Scope Level?

Does My Scope Track Properly? Shoot The Box Test.

AzizaVFR's Guide to Selecting Proper Ring Height (don't forget about the bolt handle too!)

Burris Signature Rings & Offset Inserts -- Why?

PDF Showing the use of the inserts in the Burris Signature line of rings

Calculating Elevation Shift with Burris Signature Inserts

Do You Need a Scope with an Adjustable Objective (AO) Lens?

Scope Parallax Error Illustrated with Photos

MGT's Discussion of Parallax Error

Why does my reticle seem to move when I adjust focus or magnification level?

Objective Lens Size, Image Brightness, Exit Pupil, and Vignetting

What Magnification Do I Need to See Bullet Holes at 50 Yards?

What Will a USBR Target Look Like at 16x, 24x, and 36x?

Which way to push sights in or out of the dovetail?

Shooting & Ammo

Large PDF file: Teaching Rifle Positions to New Shooters

The Fundamentals of Olympic Rifle Shooting -- Shooting From a Standing Offhand Position

Exterior Ballistics -- A Primer

Shooting Steeply Uphill or Downhill: Aim low

MGT Shows How to Calculate MOA for a Given Distance

Can I shoot 5.56mm ammo in my CZ chambered for 223 Rem?

Effect of Cold on Ammo Accuracy

How I Test Ammo

Ron AKA's .22LR Ammo Testing Results

SG1022's Ammo Stats

Doing the Stats on Your Ammo Test (geek alert!)

Fix For Cold Bore Flyers?

Are Longer Barrels More Accurate?

Barrel Tuning -- What's Up With That?

How Eley Makes Quality Ammo

Video: How CCI makes 4 million rounds of 22LR ammo every day.

Reloading Gear

Cleaning, Cleaning Gear & Accessories

My Cleaning Gear

Cleaning My CZ

The First Cleaning -- Getting the Gunk Out

Fix For Cold Bore Flyers?

What Else Do I Need For My CZ?

Other Stuff

Shipping a Firearm

Alec's Photo Posting Guide for PhotoBucket

Alec's Photo Posting Guide for Imgur

Bullet Spin Rate: MV x (12/twist rate in inches) x 60 = RPM --> MV X 720/Twist Rate = RPM
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