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Its November! Where is my ammo?
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Its November! Where is my ammo?
I bet it'd be sold out by the time you hiked to FL.
Good idea! Use up what ammo I have left hiking to Florida. Hunt rabbits and squirrels along the way. Subsistence living.
Its November! Where is my ammo?
Right beside Jimmy Hoffa...…………. :cool:
Coming in the delivery truck. Bigfoot is driving...………….
There are pallets after pallets of it sitting at the factory ready to go.

Unfortunately...………...the factory is in Iran and the new round of sanctions disallows the import of rimfire ammo from Iranian facilities.
The Honduran caravan has gobbed up traffic in Mexico so badly it's gonna delay delivery til 2019.
The press releases were all mis-interpreted.

What's going to be available this month is boxes of 5 M&M's...………...the candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

As you were...…………..
Fear of the wall being built on our southern border has postponed production.
Naw.......it'll just cost a lil more after the illegals bring it in with them. it's bound to sell for more then pot.
Now its 6 more months until they finish building a new ammo factory in Texas?:confused:
Now its 6 more months until they finish building a new ammo factory in Texas?:confused:
Believe that one and we'll tell you another. :rolleyes:
...................sound of the can being kicked on down the road.............

New ammo or not the 592 is going jackrabbit hunting this winter. I will try to aim straight and not waste any of the precious stash.
I've hunted turkeys in west Texas a couple of times. I have thought it'd be a fun week to spend there with a 590-something after jack rabbits, yotes and cats.

The fellow who was guiding me (driving me around and dropping me off/picking me up) said the jack rabbit population had basically crashed there from some sort of disease.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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