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Some answers for "strayround" ..... !


There is, of course, "absolutely nothing in the NRA rules" to prohibit the use of a sporter-style rifle in the State Championships ... I'm assuming that you're referring to the Tennessee matches this coming weekend. The definition of "any rifle" is that of Rule 3.2.

As to having a special class for the Sporters, the answer is "No" ! I had requested the State Smallbore Chairman to get ORSA to include possibly a separate "Light Rifle" division in their authorisation request to NRA, but apparently this was not done, a fact I confirmed with Bruce Fogelman of ORSA a couple of weeks ago ... he had had no such request.

I will be shooting one of my CZ's in the event ... a "touched-up" Silhouette model this year ... on both the Iron-sight and Any-sight days. Last year I shot a CZ UltraLux and the year before, a CZ American. I placed near the bottom of the heap, so to speak, but had fun, and showed others that one doesn't need exotic expensive gear to compete and enjoy a couple of days on the firing line. The fact that I placed low was not necessarily the fault of the rifle ... one has to consider that I'm almost 80 years old, cataracts in both eyes, recovering from open-heart surgery, etc, etc ! Now ... all you strong, fit youngsters should have a ball !

Bryan - The Fuzzy Limey :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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