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Soft case for Buck Mark Standard with red dot scope?

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Hi folks. First post here in the Browning forum.

I have a Browning Buck Mark Standard (5.5" barrel) with an UltraDot/MatchDot installed. I am looking for a zippered soft case that will fit this combo (and two magazines preferably).

Any suggestions? Everything I found at Gander Mountain was too small.


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I have an Ultimate Silhouette that I needed a case for.It's got the 14" bbl. and a Tasco Pro Class scope.I couldn't find a zipper case that was big enough and the hard cases were out of my price range.

What I did find at the local ACADEMY store was a semi-hard case for a paintball gun.Fit's perfectly and offers more protection than a soft zipper case and was only a little over $20.

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