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So, Whaddya think?

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I occasionally run across the Mannlicher (RBI) stock for sale here and there. I've got both a WW SS Laminated Special and a Deluxe Walnut set of closet queens.

What I was thinking about was the feasibility of mounting a GM bore-weighted 22" barrel in one of these sale stocks. The RBI standard barrel is an 18.5" barrel. The GM is a 22". The weighted bore end looks to be about 4" long, so it just might fit with a minimum of fuss.

The bore weighted section would then be extending out of the end of the stock with the "cap" still in place at the end of the tapered section.

Anybody done this? Anybody got the pieces they can eyeball together?

Then again, it might look like crap, I dunno.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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