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Skinner peep on Mountie

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You folks with the Skinner rear peeps on your mounties, did you have to replace the front sight?
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Me personally,
I do not have a Skinner on my Mountie being it is a 1955 model I have a Williams peep sight on it. But anytime I have ever used a Skinner when sighting in at 25 yards I've always had to change the front sight. Never has failed.
Yes, a higher sight for sure. I had several heights of Marbles 1/16" white bead sights on hand and tried a couple.
I can't remember exactly which height I settled on but I'll look later today.

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A William's or lyman peep sight will allow the use of the factory front sight...
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Chickenhater, yes it will, provided your Marlin is already tapped on the side. There were some later years where the side of the receiver wasn't tapped, only the top.
So a top mounted sight is easy enough if you don't want to spend for, or have your receiver tapped for a Lyman or Williams.
Williams makes both side and top mount sights to cover the levergun market.

The OP specifically asked about front sights with the Skinner, I just assume that he knows about other types of peeps as well.
F-14 Chief, I have a .312" Marbles in the Mountie's ramp. That got me zeroed at 50 yards and the aperture post of the Skinner is maybe 1 1/2- 2 turns from the bottom.

I don't know why some are so set on a rear sight that allows you to keep the original front one.
If you need a higher front sight, just get a few, they aren't that expensive or hard to install.
Getting several in different heights increases your chances of getting the correct one on there.
It's no fun to order one front sight (and pay almost as much for shipping as you did for the sight), then find out you need a different one, then pay more shipping and wait for it to arrive.

Finding the correct front sight for this ported .44 mag was trickier, as I wanted to zero the Skinner peep at 75 yards, and also zero the ladder sight at a longer distance.
With the front sight I'm using, the ladder sight with slider all the way down is zeroed at 125 yards. So the ladder can be used where the Skinner leaves off, and there is plenty of room to move the slider up for long shots.
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I have the exact same problem. I ordered the skinner express sight, it came labeled on the bag as an alaskan, maybe i ordered wrong, anyway it looks nice with the gold detail, but i can tell im going to need a front sight change. Just dont know which one to order....ill prob take sandogs advice and get the extra sizes......
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I mentioned the lyman/William's sights in case the OP wasnt aware of the options, or didnt realize the front sight could be retained. I also mentioned it because others interested in changing their sights may also read this and not have known as well.
Drilled and tapped or no, there are sights to fit the side mount as well as a tip off mount for the scope rail. The Williams GR will work with the factory front as well and clamps to the scope rail. Why not replace the front sight??? Well why would you if it isnt necessary. Its money you didnt have to spend and you avoid any issues that may arise from removing and replacing the sight. I know it's a pretty simple task, but sh#t happens. It's just like simple elective surgeries, sometimes things go wrong and the patient winds up worse off than before. So there's the reasoning.
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Please accept my apologies for not keeping track of my threads. Sometimes things just get away . Most appreciative of all comments. @sandog you are correct I did know about the Lyman/williams receiver sight. I like their adjustability but not too partial to their appearance. I like the way the Skinner sight looks and I need a new front sight anyway. Thanks for taking the time to check your sight height for me.
@Chickerhater, thanks for your insight on sights and mounting. All good information. The fact that I was not looking for it does not negate it's usefulness. Others read these posts and maybe they don't know all that stuff.
Anyway thanks to all for the help!
I put a Skinner rear sight on my 1967 39A Mountie and another on my 1964 39A Standard. I did not have to buy another front sight, the exiting ones worked fine. The Skinner sight is a huge improvement. I'm very satisfied.
Yes the Skinners are nice. I would love to be able to just use the barrel mounted buckhorn but my eyes just will not accommodate them. Besides the rifles previous owner cut the bead off of the stock front sight. Looks like it chewed by beavers.
See my post re Mounties for my grandsons. I put Skinners on both. I bought a Brass front sight from tgem, but found it was not necessary. I've decided to buy another Mountie for myself now, as my 39a is a 1947, and not drilled.
See my post re Mounties for my grandsons. I put Skinners on both. I bought a Brass front sight from tgem, but found it was not necessary. I've decided to buy another Mountie for myself now, as my 39a is a 1947, and not drilled.
I have a 1952 39a which my dad bought for me new when I was in the second grade. It was D/t'd for a Lyman receiver sight which it has worn for the last 55 years. I have a couple of Mounties a 57 and the other I think a 64, which I plan on passing on to my son and grandson, both have receiver sights, not as slick looking as a Skinner but I like the adjustments better. One is a Lyman the other a Redfield.
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