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Forgive my total lack of silhouette shooting experience, but I don't understand why a Skinner 39 Peep sight wouldn't work adequately for CLA Silhouette? A free ballistics website shows that a typical rimfire silhouette round (zeroed at 50 yards) would have a trajectory of about:
40 Yards +0.44"
50 Yards 0.00"
75 Yards -2.50"
100 yards -6.70"

If the Skinner 39 sight was zeroed at 50 yards (lowest peep setting), then you would just have to hold about 1/2 inch high at 40 yards. At 75 yards you would unscrew (raise) the peep one half turn (2.0") and shoot about 1/2 inch low. At 100 yards you would unscrew (raise) the peep 3 one half turns (6.0") and shoot a little over 1/2 inch low.

This may not work in reality, but at least (theoretically) it seems like a simple, easy to use sighting system.
I have yet to meet a successful hold over shooter.Almost every new shooter try's though.

1+ on the Williams FP-TK's on 39A's. Williams FP's have 20 clicks to the revolution of the elevation screw.I think it is 18 click's to the revolution for Redfield and Lyman.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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