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Size for circular steel gongs ?

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Am starting from nothing here, but I have the opportunity to get some steel gongs made to practice offhand rifle shooting.
Honestly have no idea of guidelines for size. Ideally a person would miss some of the time, hit some of the time lol.

100 yds (RF) and 300 yds (CF); mostly for shooting scoped rifles from the standing position.
Yes I know my level of offhand accuracy is unknown here; just wondering what diameter of steel gongs other people here are using for this sort of practice.

Thank you,
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I made these for out to 300 with my cz457V it's great fun .
5mm plate just hangs on a star picket .
Pic is at 200y . And they are about 10" x 6"
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I would probably make a kind of Know Your Limit tailored for 100 yds+. Maybe start at 1,2,3,4,6,8 inch, it would give you a good variety.
One gong will serve your needs I think. I use 8" gongs at 100yds for RF and 200yds for CF, for offhand practice. When shooting the RF at 100 I paint a 1 1/2" circle in the middle, counting the strikes on the dot as hits, this provides better feedback than shooting at a small gong or spinner. The 8" gong at 200 is roughly the size of a silhouette chicken, so I don't need a dot on that one...
You should know that even at 300yards you will need ar500 plate steel for CF and mild steel will work for your rimfire targets. Our range got a batch of what we thought was ar and it turned out to be mild steel. Center fire rounds blew huge holes through them.
Yes I have suitable AR available to spec out with, thx.
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