After using a CZ OEM single shot adapter for a few seasons I noticed it's begun to crack. It still functions fine but I started looking at alternatives. I saw the 3D printed ones offered on Ebay and Etsy and wasn't impressed. So I decided to make my own. I'm very pleased with how they look and function. I've sent several to some of the RFC members for testing and I've received positive feedback. So I've decided to offer them for sale.

These will work with CZ models 452, 453, 455, 457, 512, & 513 that are chambered for .22 Long Rifle or 17 HM2 (NOT For .22 Winchester Magnum or 17 HMR).

Available colors are Black, Blue, Red, Real Green, Orange, Camo Green, & Bright Green . I have other colors available (Grey, Silver, Yellow, Light Blue, etc) upon request. I can also add custom lettering to the sides if desired. Might be useful for clubs, personalization, etc. Inquire via PM

Price to RFC members is $14.00. I'll pick up the shipping for up to 3 pieces (approx $4.75 value). Shipping will be via USPS First Class Package with tracking.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR REMINGTON 511/513/521, REMINGTON 541/581, Winchester 52, 69, 69A, 75 etc, Anschutz 54 & 64 (including Exemplar), and Tikka T1x. SEE BELOW ↓

USA sales only due to shipping restrictions.

I made a Silver/Grey one for one of the guys. I have a few extra if you're interested

CLICK the link below ⬇to watch how each single shot adapter is carefully and lovingly grown ;)

I now have a version of the CZ SSA that works in the BRNO rifles. They have a "B" in the side as shown below. Price is $14.00 shipped as noted above. These will also work in the CZ models but have a little side-to-side play. They feed fine in my 452 American. They just don't fit quite as nicely as the the CS specific version. If you have both CZ & BRNO rifles I recommend trying the BRNO one first. I have a limited amount of BRNO SSAs available in Black, Red, & Blue. I'll make more as needed and I'll add colors if the demand justifies it. So if you want one of the other colors shown above please tell me and give me a few extra days to produce it.

I'm happy to introduce the single shot adapter for the Remington 511, 513, & 521 rifles. These have been tested in several 511 & a few 513 rifles. There seems to be a little variance between the rifles with the mag latch assembly attached to the receiver and the ones attached to the stock. I've done my best to come up with the best compromise between the two styles as well as differences due to manufacturing tolerances. I've been given the thumbs up from testers who have rifles with both types. Also, there's an unavoidable gap behind the adapter when the bolt is all the way open. In early prototypes, when the cartridge was inserted so the rim is hanging off the back the bolt would bind. I've done my best to radius the back of the adapter to compensate for this. It works fine in my 513T but I won't guarantee it won't bind in all cases. So I'll state...that for best results place the entire round on the adapter including the rim. After doing this for awhile it becomes second nature and is a non-issue.

Currently available in Black and "Remy Red", & Silver/Grey. I'll have other colors available in the near future. If you'd like a different color now please let me know. I'll make one for you asap.

The price for the Remington 511/513/521 single shot adapter is $16.00 shipped (approx. $4.75 value) via USPS first class package with tracking.

The Remington 541/581 SS Adapters are now ready. They've been tested in several 541S, 541T, 541X, & 581 and they work well. Like the Rem 5-Teens there's some variance from rifle to rifle. So some may sit a little high when first inserted. Simply insert the SSA and pull down a little on the adapter so it seats against the magazine latch. Alternatively, you can just insert it with the bolt closed. This seems to resolve itself with use as the rough edges get knocked down a little.

Currently available in Remy Red, Black, Remy Green, Blue, & Silver/Grey. If you'd like a different color just ask.

The price for the Remington 541/581 single shot adapter is $16.00 shipped ($4.75 value) via USPS first class package with tracking.

Announcing the Winchester Single Shot Adapter V2

The Winchester V2 Single Shot Adapter is based on the original Winchester spring-loaded design. This has been tested in a whole bunch of model 75 target & sporters, several 52s and my personal Browning 52 Sporter Reproduction. It's worked well in all

CAD Model

The price for the Winchester Single Shot Adapter V2 is $25.00 including shipping ($4.75ish).

The original version of the Winchester single shot adapter will still be offered for a limited time. These worked great in most rifles but not so great in a few. Too many variables in all the different Winchester models I guess. I'm offering these as is (no returns)

I have these available in Orange, Red, Black, and Silver/Gray

The closeout price for the original Winchester single shot adapter is now $10.00 each. Once again I'll pick up shipping via USPS first class package with tracking ($4.75 value)

The Anschutz Single Shot Adapters are now ready!

These have been tested in 30 rifles and pistols in various configurations by several RFC members. I'm very pleased by how positive the feedback has been on these. Most have reported that they work very well for them. I'm confident they'll function as they should in most 54 & 64 action rifles and pistols. However, due to slight variations from gun to gun it would be silly for me to guarantee they'll work in all the guns out there. I will guarantee that, if you're not happy, you're welcome to return the adapter to me and I'll refund your money. More than one tester said it's about as perfect as I could make it. One of those members tested in 11 different guns. So I expect most will be satisfied.

If any you that tested these for me would like to share your feedback please add it to the comments section below.

These are currently available in Black, Silver/Grey, "Anschutz" Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, & Purple. Please send me a PM so I know you're interested. Otherwise, if you see a color you'd like in one of my other models I make please let me know. I'll work it into production

The price for the Anschutz single shot adapter is $14.00. As usual, I'll pick up the shipping via USPS first class package with tracking ($4.75 value) for RFC members

The Tikka T1x Single Shot Adapters are now ready. I'm really happy with how these turned out. They work pretty well as a push feed style by simply setting the round in the loading port and letting the wire ejector and right side of the SSA guide the round in the chamber. They work better if you push the round down so it's sitting completely on top of the SSA with the wire moved to the side and holding the round in place. It works fine in my rifle with the round in the middle of the SSA but I think it works even better if the round is back toward the extractors. The controlled feed method takes a little getting used to. At first I was looking into the loading port each time I inserted a round into the loading port. But after doing it a couple times I finally started doing it without looking. I had no issues doing it without looking and shot at least 200 rounds from the bench and offhand using this method.

These are currently available in Black, Blue, Grey, Tikka Orange, Red, and Bright Green

The price for the Tikka T1x Single Shot Adapters is $20.00 each. The shipping is on me for RFC members. Please send me a PM for my PayPal info or mailing address if you prefer to pay by check or USPS Money Order

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