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Single shot 10/22?

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I have been tinkering with my 10/22 for a little while now. I have chamferred the bolt, made auto bolt release, jb weld trick, and added speedlock hammer, volquartsen exact edge extractor, volquartsen bedding kit, hogue OM stock and 16" Clerke barrel. Did everything except for hammer, extractor, and bedding and all was working fine, however, after I installed hammer, extractor, bedding kit and filed a little more of the jb weld on sear I have seemed to have a single shot 10/22. What I mean by this is that after I chamber a round and fire it, it ejects, but then the trigger is still depressed and I have to cycle the action ejecting the chamberred round before I can fire another shot. If anyone could provide any ideas about why this may be happening the information is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like your trigger is not resetting. Try this:


With your finger off the trigger, pull the bolt handle all the way back and release it. Pull the trigger. The hammer should release.

Work the bolt again while holding the trigger back. Release the trigger and then pull it. If the hammer does not release this time then it is probably not resetting. Try pushing forward on the trigger, You probably now will hear a "click" and then when you pull the trigger the hammer will release. If you don't hear the click then it just means the problem is a little more severe.

To solve this problem, you may have to refit the J-B Weld. Be sure all the rough places in the trigger mechanism have been smoothed and you may need to lengthen the trigger return spring.

Maybe someone else can give other suggestions for solving this problem. I have been working on this on my gun with only partial success. Seems like if I get the nice, light, crisp trigger pull then I have resetting problems.

Good luck!

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