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Well if the wife dont mind then get 2 :).

The only downfall I found is money. My gun budget is pretty
small mostly left over lunch money I squirrel away in my desk.

A few weeks ago I came across a 1971 issue for 100.00 so of course
I bought it. the next week I was able to arrange a FTF with someone
in the for sale fourm and picked up a wally world special for 150.00
That makes 3 in the safe. New hammers and bolt buffers and I ran
out of money in my stash. So I now have to wait to do barrels and stocks.

I plan to do one as a 17hm2 conversion, one as a "super stocker"
and one as a BR/Ultimate. I just need to replenish cash stash.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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