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Simmons Pro-Air scopes?

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First: You guys are the best. You have already helped with so much.

Second: I have pretty much decided on a Pro-Air scope for my 10/22. I have found a few sites that list a 8-32x44mm AO and a 6-18x40mm AO. I am going to be mostly target shooting at the range, with some occasional varmint hunting. Anyone know anything about the 8-32x44mm AO? It isn't listed on Simmons' website. Which would you guys recommend? Any pros or cons to either? Only $10 difference on one site and the same price on the other. I just don't want to make a big mistake for a small amount of cash.


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No, the 800116, 8x32 is not a ProAir. As I understand, it was a "one off" production Simmons made, who knows for what market but it is, in my opinion, inferior to the ProAir series. The ProAir has fully coated optics of decent glass, the 8x32 is poor glass, coated one side. I tried it due to its identical appearance to the old Tasco 8x32x44TS scopes that are very good scopes. It looks like they came off the same assembly line but have much different glass.
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