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Simmons ATV? Refurbished?

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OK, I just looked at one of these puppies at Wally Mart tonight. Was $149, now down to $129. I see Natchez has them for $120, but it's likely a wash between shipping and tax.

Point is, is THIS a decent scope? Just inside the store, it seemed like the focus went blurry a bit over the 10X setting. However that might be because I was looking at a sign at the far end of the store that was too close for that much power.

Now, I see that Natchezz has them 'refurbished' for $69. For that matter, J&G Sales also has a few name brands advertised as re-furbs. Is there anything to be wary of with these? Are they too good to be true for the price?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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