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Sights on an NRA Match

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I just picked up this older Savage NRA Match Rifle with these sights on it. When I took it out of the stock, the rear is marked "Lyman" and the front is "King". Is there any way that this rifle may have come from the factory with these sights? And what are they? I haven't seen any others like this. BTW, my rifle does NOT have "Model 19" on it anywhere.

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I cannot answer all your questions but if the rear sight would have been factory the two hole for the original sight would have been plugged with flush headless screws - also the original mounting screws which plug the holes in yours are hard to find, expecially the small one - if you would sell them I want first chance on the small one!

Some versions of these I think were factory drilled & tapped for a side mount sight but wood had to be removed to fit it - I do not know if your sight uses these holes or not, in your pictures it looks like there might be a couple plugged holes ahead of where your sight is mounted.

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Thank you for that information. I took the stock off again, and then removed the rear sight. It looks as if someone has drilled and tapped the barrel for the Lyman peep sight. There are also two flush head screws ahead of this modification. Also two round top screws on top. This sight has the lever which alows you to flip it forward amd move the peep hole up or down, then back rearwards to lock it. Also has two different size peep holes.

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