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Sights for 540x?

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Hello. I just bought a nice early model 540x without the sights. I see some sights that look like they might work on ebay but I really don't know exactly what I am looking for. Any help with certain model# and or brand would be appreciated.
Thanks, Fred.
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I have a 540XR, which is similar to the 540X, and I'm told it has a Williams FT rear target peep sight and a Redfield 65 front globe. The Lyman 90 MJT rear sight would be an upgrade. Check the Williams Gun Sight web site as their Target FP Series sights may work. Also, Mac Tilton at MT Guns can advise and maybe provide you with what you need. Contact him at 775-588-9071 or [email protected]. :)
Redfield sights. Sorry, I don't remember the exact model. Here is a picture of mine:

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