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Sightron scopes, any oppinoins?

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I am interested in a 4-16x42. anyone have any experience with this scope or suggestions. How are the optics, and will it stay zeroed. Oppinions please................
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I have three sightrons, I am very happy with them the optics are bright & clear and adjustments are very repeatable, I have had zero problems with mine, I can recommend them with no reservations
I personally don't have one, But a guy I work with has one, he seems to like it. I don't think he has had zero problems at all. He shoots quite a bit too.

Ordie 1, I'm confused. I hope this is a mistake.
"I have had zero problems with mine, I can recommend them with no reservations" :confused:

I don't see the mistake. what is exactly wrong?
Maybe if he said "I haven't had any problems" but "I haven't had zero problems"? :confused:
I mis-understood the context in which ordie was using the word "zero", sorry my fault.

However, I told my buddy to bring his scope to work so I could see it. It's a 6.5-25x50, and I was highly impressed with the optics. I'd put it up there with the VariX-3 leupolds. The Mag ring is smooth as well as the AO ring. The AO ring goes from 12yds to infinity. He says it hold's zero, no problem and its mounted on a 30-06. He gave $291 to get it to his door from midway. I think he got his money's worth, The optics are as bright and clear as all of the $400 and $500 scopes I've looked through.
Sorry for the confusion, I have had zero problems, as in no, nada, zero, problems
Thanks Guys

All I can say is "The checks in the mail" , I went ahead and ordered the SII 4-16x42 from D&R, and also ordered a good bipod with the rest of the money that I had expected to spend on a leupold. That zero thing also through me, I thought you were talking abou not able to keep it zeroed in but you highly recomended it.
Anyone else scope shopping might wanna check this out if you considering a sightron:


This is from the today's specials on the midwayusa site, under the sightron section.
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