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Sighting In With Wolf .22 Match Target

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I plan on sighting in my gun with this ammo this weekend. It is a older Winchester Model 94 lever action. I plan on sighting in at around 80yds or so, i could get a good 1/2 - 1 inch group with the last ammo i was using at that range. Anyone have any suggestions before i sight in or know of any probelms i might have with the ammo or gun at that range? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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that is match grade ammo. you will not have any problems with it. well, almost match grade but many people here swear by the wolf match target as great shooting and a good way to judge how good your rifle is. so, very good choice you have made for sighting in ammo. now don't be too dissappointed if you switch to cheaper ammo and that doesn't shoot as well. you will have to pay a good bit more to get better shooting ammo.
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