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*sigh* range mishap...can anyone give me some info?

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Today I replaced my hammer, sear, trigger, and extractor that I purchased frome Chase

When I assembled it all back together I was informed that one of the springs I put in wasn't actually supposed to go there, the spring in question is the one that sits inside the bolt where the extractor is.

So after finding out this info I took it all back apart and put the spring that came from there back into the bolt. I thought it was in there good.

Got to the range and proceeded to do some more fine tuning of my sighting and about 4 shots later I pull the trigger and nothing goes...so I stand up from my seat and look over to see if I had a round that got stuck at the ramp, and when I look i see my extractor that had fallen out and jammed itself in front of the bolt keeping it from moving forward...upon further inspection I find out I'm missing the little plastic barrel that fits inside the spring. I looked everywhere for it and never did find it.

So really my question is where can I get a replacement?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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