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Should I trade a 2013 for a 54.18MSR?

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I want an Anschutz repeater in a very bad way but do not have the funds for another high end Anschutz. I love the 2013 but I use it for training and need an action as slick as the 2013. I want a repeater as accurate, or more so, than the 2013.
Anyone here with experience with both actions, please let me know how one compares with the other in terms of feel, fit and finish, trigger adjustability,etc. Thanks.

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Haven't used a 2013, but I do have two 54.18's. :)

Love 'em. AFAIK, it's the only Super Match action Anschutz makes that's a repeater, which is one of the main reasons I wanted one.

The 54.18's use the 5018 trigger, which is set for 3.5 oz from the factory. 100 grams I think? Chart says that's the same trigger the 2013 uses, so you would be familiar with that. They adjust from about 3 oz to 20 oz from what I have seen. Both mine are right at 9.5 oz right now.

I love mine, so smooth and robust. They don't have the 4 action screws like some of the newer square actions do, but are nicer, slicker, and more robust than the older 54 action with the wing safety.

I still remember the day I got my first 54.18, I put it together and was just holding it, messing around, and when I tilted the gun up about 30-35 degrees, the bolt slid back open on it's own weight, smooth as glass. Sent chills down my spine and brought a smile to my face. Using it still brings a smile to my face.

54.18's may not be as nice as the newest state of the art Anschutz rifles, but they are still the only Anschutz Super Match with a repeater action. If you need or want it like me, then they are well worth the entrance fee.

Mine are the pride and joy of my battery, and something I wanted for a long long time. :)
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brian,let me tell you how it is,!!YOU WILL NEVER get a repeating rifle with a better action than your 2013.i have no idea as to why you want a repeater over your 2013 BUT i would wager that if you offered to do a straight swap,your 2013 for an equal condition 54.18 you will be swamped with offers.what stock do you have on the 2013 AND WHY must you have a repeater???.
My 2013 is the BR50 with a very dark grey composite stock. 3" BR forend, adjustable cheek height, and adjustable butt. Has a 20" factory barrel, with a pretty large barrel weight that is removable, and I also have a Fudd bloop tuner that I've been playing with. The tuner does work but it seems by the time I get a setting figured out, I need a new lot of ammo. I thought I might get into the 22BR game but have gotten into,upto 1K shooting instead. 22's seem far more finicky to keep dialed in than a centerfire. I use the 22 as a training rifle for long range tactical competitions. I shoot my centerfires from the magazine and I'd like to have a repeating 22 to use the same way. The prices I've seen on Champs Choice for the 54.18 are inline with what I paid for the 2013 last spring. I would definately consider trading for the 54.18.
g`day brian,well mate fair enough,that seems fair to me,i only wish that i had a 54.18 to swap you but i wish you luck what ever you do with it.
How much you trying to get out of your 2013?
brian - that's a nice looking rifle! I wouldn't mind having either that OR a 54.18. Not that I'd shoot them much, it seems I don't shoot much of anything these days. I'd just like to have one! Most of my annies are older sporters - a 164, a 54 sporter, etc. I've got an older match 53 in an early 1413 style stock, but it's currently in a state of dissarray.. needs the metal work refinished.

Good luck in your search, hope you find just the perfect rifle for you!
g`day brian,well mate i must say that i can`t believe the lack of response to your thread.the photo of your gun backs up my love for the 2013`s,that gun needs to come to the land of OZ, do you have a FOR SALE price on it ? and/or are you willing to sell it ?as against a trade of.your aussie mate,hotdog.
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